- Collaboration (30 slots / Month)

5 ratings has generated over 1M social media impressions, 200k page views and 60k tool matches since launching last year - with the aim of helping professionals find trending tools and use cases.

I'm now opening the site up for external submissions (25 paid per month), which will include integration into the platform - manual + automatic updates to your profile, features within relevant toolkits (average read time of 5 mins), use case integration, and promotion within the newsletter and on social media. All for a minimum of at least a year.

I'm a bit of an idealistic bastard as I want to build long-term, win-win relationships so everything comes with the assurance that you will at least make your money back as I continue to build up the site & brand.

We can discuss how to promote your tool opening month and then also the rest of the year.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have - or hit me up on LinkedIn.

I want this!

^ Make your money back guarantee!

I will work directly with you to ensure that you at-least make your money back!

I have a semi-smart noggin', I'm sure you do too - we'll figure out how to get the clicks flowing.

Last updated Jun 28, 2024

What's included -

Listing on TFH Site (12 months minimum)
200k views in the last 12 months
Automatic + Manual Profile Updates
Good ranking potential on Google
Integration into Use Case System
Gets featured by Youtubers + Publications
Deal Widget to encourage clicks!
Good for conversion
Newsletter Promotion
2.2k email subscribers all looking for tools
Website Promotion
Ability to be shown on other relevant tools and toolkits
Copy product URL


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£0 - Collaboration (30 slots / Month)

5 ratings
I want this!